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Office Furniture you need for your WFH Set-Up


Working from home is exciting as it offers real comfort with a promise of efficiency and productivity. However if the office is too casual or isn’t separated from the happenings of home then that “comfort” will for sure turn counter-productive. The same could be said when you have your legs stretched and neck strained working on your laptop computer that’s propped by a pillow on your bed. The shift to today’s “new normal” has created a work lifestyle that demands a home office. After all, if you must work remotely, you’ll need a place to actually work.

As workers across the world are getting settled into their home offices, it’s not too late to be setting up your own. Whether your home office is a designated space for running your business, your remote workspace or simply a nook for organizing your files, here are the three basic office furniture you want to start with:

1. Work Desk

Desks come on all shapes and sizes. Choosing a desk system with convenient features like built-in drawers or shelving, wire management provisions or a keyboard tray. Built-in storage will help you keep your work supplies/necessary documents (and essential snacks!) within reach. Consider the size of your home office area. Make sure that your desk has sufficient space for you to actually do your work, yet does not dominate the area too much that a desk is all you actually have room for.

2. Chair

To keep yourself focused and driven while you work, you’ll need the support of an ergonomic chair. A chair that lets you be comfortable for hours but also helps you be mindful of your sitting posture. A chair with pneumatic height adjustment function will let you adjust your sitting position to make sure that your feet are flat on the ground, your forearms parallel to the floor and help keep your head from protruding forward. One with wheels and a swivel base makes it easy to scoot from desk to printer to well…. Let’s face it –  pretty much anywhere in the house.

3. Additional storage

As the chances of getting your “home” documents and “work” documents mixed together are high, it is highly recommended that filing cabinets are designated for these purposes and then labeled accordingly. Your storage space may come in different forms such as shelving, side tables, filing cabinets and more. Remember, before you decide on additional storage, make a list of what kind of things you will actually need to keep in your home-office area. Do not allow room for clutter which may cause distractions.

Choosing home office furniture is not significantly different to choosing any other type of home or office furniture. It must be functional, practical and stylish enough that you’ll actually want to “go to work”. Most of all, they should not cost the earth. You can visit our shop to find types of office furniture mentioned above that suits the way you work. Use PROMOCODE: WFH2020 for a 10% discount.

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