Draf Office Furniture is committed to provide the best quality and most suitable office furniture for your business or home. We aim to delight our clients by providing unparalleled customer service – fast, reliable, and professional service.

Draf Office Furniture carries a wide array of office furniture products – modular partitions, modular workstations, office tables, office chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets, blinds and carpets. We are dedicated to be your partner of choice for your office furniture needs.

Our Products

Modular Partitions / Office Workstations

DRAF Modular Partitions and Office Workstations allows you to customize your workspaces to suit exactly how you want it! Browse the different systems available to help you create your own Modular Partition and Office Workstation Systems!

SC-ABY001 - Staff Chair


Staff Chairs

Executive Chairs

Pantry Chairs

Visitors Chairs

Gang Chair / Multiple Seating

Other Chairs

DRAF Office Chairs are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and proper back and lumbar support. DRAF Office Chairs are engineered to be durable and long lasting.

CT6009 - Alexander

Office Tables

Conference and meetingtables

Office tables / Office desks

Executive desks and tables

DRAF Office Tables combines flexibility and durability. DRAF Office Tables can be customized to suit your exact table requirement.

VFC Series - Vertical Filing Cabinet (Curved Series)

Storage and Filing Systems

Keep your documents and office supplies organized and protected. Take a look at DRAF Storage and Filing Systems to find the perfect system for you!


Carpets and Blinds

Spruce up your office – add colors, patterns, and different textures to your work environment with DRAF Carpets and Blinds.

Need help? Contact us!

Planning for your office can be a taxing process.  With a wide selection of office chairs, office tables, modular workstations, and storage systems, one can get confused easily.  Allow us to help you!  We can help you choose the most suitable office furniture for you!


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